Tuesday Trivia – October 16, 2018

In honor of National Chemistry Week (which we look forward to celebrating during next week), today’s trivia question focuses on this year’s annual theme – Chemistry is Out of This World!

With that in mind, prepare to Expand Your Horizon. Today’s question is:

Scientists have spent countless hours studying the chemistry of space to determine things like – Are there atoms and molecules in space? Can chemical reactions occur in outer space? What does space smell like?

While those are interesting questions – and ones I would like to find answers to – the question I found most interesting was: what are interstellar clouds made of?

An interesting study at the University of Georgia revealed the major component to be:

(a) Hydrogen and helium atoms
(b) Mothballs
(c) My dreams
(d) Ammonia
(e) Carbon Monoxide

Submit your answer in the comments below!

Stay tuned for the answer next Tuesday….

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