Tuesday Trivia – Answer for October 2, 2018

Just a reminder of last week’s post:

EPA Method 8270 outlines a method for extracting a quantifying a number of compounds, of which hexachlorocyclopentadiene is one. However, this compound can be difficult to recover. Why? (choose all that apply)

(a) It is photoreactive and decomposes when exposed to light

(b) It is chemically reactive and reacts with certain organic solvents

(c) It has a relatively high vapor pressure and evaporates a bit at room temperature

(d)  It is susceptible to thermal degradation

(e)  None of the above

Answer: a, b and d

If you selected a, b, c and d, you were close. Hexachlorocyclopentadiene is a relatively reactive compound which lends it to photo-induced, chemical-induced and thermal-induced reactions; however, it is not hard to recover due to evaporative losses. In fact, this compound has a relatively low vapor pressure and is unlikely to rapidly evaporate from standards and samples that are at room temperature.

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