Tuesday Trivia – Answer for December 11, 2018

Just a reminder of last week’s question:

EPA Method 525.3 is a revision of Method 525.2 which incorporates a number of changes to improve the extraction and quantification of drinking water contaminants.

Which of the following is NOT one of the changes that were incorporated into Method 525.3?

The answer is c:

A Laboratory Reagent Blank (LRB) is not required to be measured as long as a series of Laboratory Fortified Blanks (LFB) are measured

The measurement of the LRB is a requirement in both Method 525.2 and 525.3. It is an important step to demonstrate a lack of contamination and interference from the method. Everything from the extraction system to the reagents to the sample and solvent bottles must not contribute a measureable amount of contamination.

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