Tuesday Trivia – July 31, 2018

It’s Tuesday again – ready to Expand Your Horizon?  For those who are joining us for the first time, every Tuesday is Trivia Tuesday where we test our wits on various topics.  We welcome all reasonable – as well as creative – guesses!

The Tuesday Trivia question for this week:

Imagine shrinking the Earth’s water supply down to 100 liters.  The volume of fresh, usable water would be roughly  _____(fill in the blank)_____ liters.

Keep an eye out for the answer next Tuesday …


Tuesday Trivia – July 17, 2018 Answer

For those who saw last week’s Tuesday Trivia post, read on for the answer  you’ve been waiting for.

For those who are unfamiliar with these posts, every other Tuesday, a trivia question will be posted to allow us to test our wits and expand our horizons.

As a reminder, the question that was posed last week:  Cucumbers and _____(fill in the blank)_____ both consist of 95% water.


Believe it or not, jellyfish are basically a nervous system and a digestive system with tentacles. As they lack bones, blood, a heart, a brain and many other muscles and organs, they require water to survive and water currents to transport them.

For a jellyfish, water is a crucial component for their survival. While humans don’t require water for our daily movements and transport, it is crucial for our survival as well.  Click here to learn more.

Stay tuned for a new trivia question next week.  In the meantime, wrack your brain for your best trivia questions and send them to me in the comments section.  We’re eager to expand our horizons!

Tuesday Trivia – July 17, 2018

Globe and Jerusalem are types of what?  What movie is also a holiday that is celebrated in the United States?

If you’re like me, you’ll hear those questions and spend the next several hours trying to come up with the correct answers:  artichokes and Groundhog Day.

In addition to creating a bit of healthy debate and competition among coworkers, friends and family, trivia allows us to expand our knowledge – often without even realizing it.

Join me every Tuesday where we can test our wits and expand our horizons. Each question will have an answer posted the following Tuesday-all reasonable guesses are welcome!

The Tuesday Trivia question for this week:

Cucumbers and (fill in the blank) both consist of 95% water.

Stay tuned for the answer…