A New Time Saving Inline Drying Solution for Method 1664B

When in the lab I always try to streamline and improve workflows. One of the biggest bottlenecks in the lab I’ve experienced and maybe you have too, is the drying of sample extracts. When extracting environmental samples, they likely have residual water. Removing water from environmental samples ensures you will get the most accurate and consistent results with both analytical and gravimetric methods. The drying of extracts can be either defined by the method or may have flexibility allowing you to use what is available as long as all quality control criteria are satisfied.

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Alternative to Sodium Sulfate Drying

If you are performing oil & grease analyses according to EPA Method 1664, you are familiar with the requirement to dry your extract prior to evaporation. There are those who might perform this step for reasons such as “this is the way we’ve always performed our extractions” or “the government-regulated method told me so” or “we have a giant container of sodium sulfate in the lab, so we might as well use it”; however, there is sound logic in removing water from your organic solvent prior to evaporating it.

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