Disks or Cartridges – Which Should I Use?

Has anyone been setting up their lab to prepare their samples via solid phase extraction and paused to consider whether you should be using SPE disks or SPE cartridges? Don’t be shy – I’ve asked this question on more than one occasion and it is a valid inquiry.  If you are familiar with SPE (check out one of my recent blogs if you need a refresher), you know that the chemistry involved in your application will be the same, as long as you are using the same media (or stationary phase).

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Perfluorinated Compounds – Awesome or Awful?

I remember the event like it was yesterday. I was in the lab, rushing to complete my last experiment before the end of the day.  All of a sudden I smelled smoke and a small flame erupted on the bench.

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Tuesday Trivia – July 17, 2018

Globe and Jerusalem are types of what?  What movie is also a holiday that is celebrated in the United States?

If you’re like me, you’ll hear those questions and spend the next several hours trying to come up with the correct answers:  artichokes and Groundhog Day.

In addition to creating a bit of healthy debate and competition among coworkers, friends and family, trivia allows us to expand our knowledge – often without even realizing it.

Join me every Tuesday where we can test our wits and expand our horizons. Each question will have an answer posted the following Tuesday-all reasonable guesses are welcome!

The Tuesday Trivia question for this week:

Cucumbers and (fill in the blank) both consist of 95% water.

Stay tuned for the answer…

Solid Phase Extraction – What is That?

“Good data out requires good data in”.

I have heard many versions of that phrase over the course of my career. The statement could apply to a wide range of topics; however, as a chemist, the basic premise highlights to me the importance of proper sample preparation before analysis.

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Perfluorinated Compounds – Key Terms You Should Know

News stories involving perfluorinated compounds have become more dominant over the past several years. They certainly seem to be noteworthy articles; however, if you’re like me, you feel like they’re drinking from a metaphorical firehose when trying to learn the relevant terminology.

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